Private Lessons

Advanced and Specialty

One-on-one training with Certified Professional Dog Trainer Sarah-Jane Petti is a great option for dogs and their families that:

  • Are very busy and have a hard time fitting in regular classes
  • Have issues such as separation problems or reactivity that are better suited to working on in the home or in a larger space
  • Learn better with individual attention and assistance
  • Want to get a head start with a new puppy or dog before attending a group class
  • Training tailored to their needs and learning styles

TLC Training is experienced with dealing with many issues, such as:

  • Human and/or dog reactivity
  • Fear of people, things, places
  • Barking
  • Pulling on leash while walking
  • Building relationships with a new puppy or dog
  • Crate training
  • Many other behavioural issues such as chewing, house soiling, resource guarding

Initial consultations are done in your home and additional private sessions may be done in your home, at the park, or wherever is necessary to assist you and your dog.

Please complete the questionnaire form and, if possible, return to TLC Training and Consulting before your initial scheduled meeting.

Click here to download a questionnaire form

Price for Private Sessions

1.5 hour session    - $135
3 session package - 1st session 1.5 hrs, rest are 1 hr - $265
5 session package - 1st session 1.5 hrs, rest are 1 hr  -   $395


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