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All seminars are to be attended without your dog.  Seminars may be attended without purchasing a class package for the cost of $30.    Please check the monthly schedule.

Clicker Basics Clickers are widely used in zoos and marine parks to train large animals such as dolphins, sea lions, and elephants, and are now a popular and effective tool to train our dogs.  Come and find out: Why should we use this gadget in our training?  Why is it more effective then verbal praise alone?  How can anybody use this to train their dog to sit, down, or do tricks.  Games will be played to reinforce the concepts being taught.  This information is required in order to successfully move on to the higher levels.  

 Puppies 101 This is your chance to talk all things puppy without having to concentrate on your four legged pal at the same time.  Talk about housetraining, crate training, mouthing, biting, developmental stages, and proper socialization.  Learn a little about body language and how puppies play, and how you can get your four legged friend on the path to becoming a well mannered dog.

Learning to Speak "Dog" - Dogs aren't born with an English dictionary, and humans aren't built with a canine translation guide.  This seminar will use video and photos to explain what your canine pal is really trying to say with their body language.  Learn to identify when a dog is under stress, is fearful, or is just downright happy!

Dog Sports for All Dogs - A tired dog is a good dog, and there are many ways for us to keep our dogs busy and active.  Some sports you may recognize, such as agility, but have you heard of earthdog, disc dog, or skijoring?  Come and find out about all the fun you can have with your dog.

Babies and Puppies - Having a new baby in the family is exciting, and perhaps a bit scary!  This is true for our dogs as well.  Come and learn some things you can do to help your dog with this exciting new arrival.

Toto and Tots - It is very common that after the arrival of a new baby, all things go well with the dog until the child becomes mobile.  There are many things that as a parent you need to do to prevent problems, including understanding the body language of your dog, and training and management to assist you with this phase of your family's life.


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