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A new concept of providing training for you and your dog!  Sarah-Jane, CPDT, owner of TLC Training and certified pet dog trainer, will come and work with your dog on basic obedience while you're not there!  

Benefits include:

  • Providing mental stimulation can be as tiring for your dog as physical exercise
  • Letting an experience trainer do the most challenging and repetitive part of training which is helping the dog figure out the new behaviours
  • Skill transfer to you in a one-on-one session so that you can get the same responses as the trainer
  • Ability to combine training with day care at Hounds Lounge
  • Skills taught to your dog are tailored to what you need to have a well mannered family member

Initial consultations are done in your home in order to determine what skills are to be taught.  After that purchase a package of sessions, which include a complementary session to transfer knowledge to you.

 If sessions are completed in your home, they will include a brief walk so that your dog may have a bathroom break as well.  Sessions may be 45 minutes in length (includes 30 minutes of training) or 75 minutes in length (includes 60 minutes of training) 

Sessions completed at Hounds Lounge may be either 30 minutes or 60 minutes of training.

Prices for Day Training

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