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Growing up in North Bay, Ontario, Sarah-Jane’s family always included at least one standard long-hair dachshund.  When her parents began to breed and enter their dogs in the conformation ring, Sarah-Jane become involved in the training and showing of the dogs.

After completing her degree in chemical engineering in 2000, Sarah-Jane  moved to Calgary.  Her love of animals, and a living situation that did not allow her to have her own dog, brought her to the Calgary Humane Society, where she began volunteering as a dog walker.  Dog walking allowed her meet dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds, and personalities.   

In 2004, Sarah-Jane acquired her first dog, Maggie, a standard wire-hair dachshund.  After taking basic manners classes, Sarah-Jane was hooked on dog training.  Since then Maggie and Sarah-Jane have trained for or competed in agility, rally obedience, competitive obedience, tracking, earth dog, and scent hurdle.  Since then, Diego, an Australian shepherd has also joined her family.

Sarah-Jane completed a one year apprentice program at the Calgary Humane Society and instructed there for over a year.  In 2007, TLC Training and Consulting was born.  Sarah-Jane’s strong belief in teamwork, leadership and communication has allowed many dogs and their human owners to understand and bond more strongly with each other.

Sarah-Jane continues to learn from her students, fellow trainers, as well as actively attending seminars, reading books, and watching training videos. 

In October of 2008, Sarah-Jane met the requirements to become a Certified Pet Dog Trainer(CPDT).   This internationally recognized testing process, certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, encourages continuing education and humane training methods.

Sarah-Jane holds memberships with  APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), CAPPDT (Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers), and IAABC (International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants.  She is a fully licensed rally obedience judge with CKC (Canadian Kennel Club), CARO (Canadian Association of Rally Obedience) and a Level 1 judge with APDT.  She is also a Junior Earthdog judge with CKC. 


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